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The Explorer Hopped Cider

6.5% ABV.  Our flagship apple cider.  Lightly dry hopped with a blend of Citra, Cascade, and Galaxy hops to pull out citrus aromas.  Balanced, bright, refreshing, and certainly not too sweet.  This cider always has a place in the fridge.  

2017/2018 2018 GLINTCAP Silver Medal Winner

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Marionberry Cider

6.5% ABV.  The Marionberry or as we like to call it - the cabernet of the blackberry family pours a dark purple with an inviting dark fruit nose.  Fruit forward with a tart finish that keeps it balanced.  The fan favorite, our most popular cider. 

2017/2018 2018 GLINTCAP Silver Medal Winner  

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The Legend Lemongrass

Bright and bold, The Legend Lemongrass is incredibly refreshing.  Citrus notes of lemon and grapefruit on the nose with a tart, balanced finish.  6.5% ABV. 

2018 GLINTCAP Gold Medal Winner

Seasonal Ciders

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Compass Rosé Hibiscus 

Working we Smith Teamakers in Portland, OR we utilize a blend of hibiscus, rose hips, elderflower, and ginger to give this cider all of its aroma, body, and color.  Floral notes, honey, and tannins make for a sophisticated yet fun cider. 6.5% ABV.


Blood Orange

6.5% ABV.  Peel into a can of Blood Orange and you won't look back.  Juicy blood orange and citrus notes with a touch of tart to keep things balanced.  Blood orange is the perfect compliment to our dry hop blend, making for a unique cider packed full of character.  

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Spiced Cider

Mixing it up around the winter months!  This cider rotates every year - check back to see what we have in store.  

Limited Release:

Trail Magic Lavender Ginger - Strong notes of culinary lavender on the nose with a power ginger kick.  It is slightly sour yet completely refreshing.  6.5% ABV.  Draft only, 2018. 

Fresh Hop Imperial Rhubarb (collaboration) - 3 varieties of freshly picked hops and 2 unique ciders.  We collaborated with Schilling Cider Company two craft to different ciders with each utilizing fresh Comet, Cascade, and Amarillo hops.  Incline Cider - Rhubarb, Heirloom apples and 8.5% ABV.  Schilling Cider - Blueberry Rosé, Heirloom apples, 8.5% ABV.